Grep Rails i18n translation elements from your app/views folder

Stabbing through all the views of your existing and mature rails app can seem quite daunting. But with the right approach it can be be quite productive. Want to throw in twitter-bootstrap? Need the an i18n treatment (translation & localization) of all the text elements and labels. Use this handy grep command to find the lines you need to tackle.

use grep to help to find the i18n lines in app/views erb files
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Rack-Offline for Mobile HTML5 cached App with Rails Asset-Pipeline

When you delve into setting up your rails application.manifest for caching your iPhone mobile HTML5 app in offline modus you will stumble upon rack-offline from wycats. A great tool. Here are some tipps for getting this up and running with rails 3.1 and the asset pipeline - quickly.

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Parsing YAML in Rails i18n locale files to get JSON

Ever needed to do internationalization for your rails app? The files in config/locales/ work nice for translations within the app. But what about making these locale files of the different languages available for your DOM manipulating javascript?
YAML and JSON and Rake to the rescue!

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