The Iconic Trees at the Rondebosch Common

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A friend from school, Anton Viljoen, went out of his way to take this amazing shot this morning of the trees and the table mountain as seen from Rondebosch common. See it on the Map

Trees on Rondebosch Commons looking towards Table Mountain

Looks exactly how I had envisaged it. A small tree, a big trees, and lots of smaller "bosches?" in the front. The two trees rising above all others. Table Mountain in the back looks like a business graph.

I have many fond memories from the time when I was at school, cycling past these trees, as I went from a friends house in Mowbray back to Claremont, facing the stiff south easter.

We had been chatting on facebook about looking for some pictures of the Rondebosch common some two weeks ago. I need an image for a sales folder that I am creating. Anton kindly offered to go out and take the pictures. He put them on Dropbox, I shopped a little bit, and here we have it now.

Thank You, Anton, for your prompt initiative and help.

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